About Us

Our Company

We have been providing home care and specialized care to families in the Calgary area since 1994.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing quality health care encompassing the physical, emotional, social, educational and spiritual needs of our clients, their caregivers and their loved ones.

Quality Care

With our selective caregiver placement procedures, each client is sure to receive outstanding care, courtesy and respect. Our clients face many individual challenges such as: Alzheimer’s, strokes and brain injuries, Parkinson’s, ALS, palliative care or post-surgery rehabilitation. We possess the appropriate training and experience to be sure we get the client or their loved one the extra care and attention they need and deserve.

Our Staff

Focus On Caring is a “Care” company, and all of the staff pride themselves on providing the best quality care possible, both professionally and personally. Our team of caregivers are carefully selected through personal interviews and reliability screening, and participate in regular performance reviews. All staff are bonded and have police clearance. All staff are trained and have up-to-date CPR course, Level C certificates. Many hold PCA certificates as well. Staff members continue to upgrade with in-service education.

Our Process

Today’s average hospital has a dire shortage of beds and an extraordinary turnover rate; as opposed to remaining in the hospital during recovery time, we provide the necessary short-term, in-home assistance to alleviate the anxiety and discomfort of an extended hospital stay and allow the client to concentrate solely on recovery while at home. We also offer in-home assistance over the long term, as the client’s needs may dictate. At Focus On Caring, you and your loved ones receive only the home or facility care you need, anywhere from a few hours a month to 24 hours a day. Our RNs work closely with you to make an in-depth assessment to get an understanding of the client’s requests, needs and family dynamics, at which point we draft a detailed, itemized Care Plan and assign the appropriate caregiver who is most capable of addressing those needs.

We work hard to match these caregivers with our clients to ease the establishment of an ongoing professional relationship. Based on the health and personal needs of the client, the registered nurse makes home visits on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to oversee the care. Weekly reports are submitted by the caregiver(s) to help keep the office and medical staff apprised of the ongoing progress in the home or facility. The registered nurse uses the information from onsite visits and from the weekly medical reports to help liaise between the family, the client and any doctors involved in the ongoing care of this client. If there appear to be any health changes, whether it be for good or bad, the RN will advise Doctor’s visits or such to continue the appropriate care for the client.

The care plan is adjusted on an ongoing basis, as the health of the individual is constantly changing and we do what is needed to keep up with these changes. In some instances, we are providing care on a short-term basis for respite or temporary illness or injury. In other instances, we start care at a minimal pace and as the aging process of the client progresses so does the amount of our care. In these cases, we are typically with our clients until end of life. They may need to be hospitalized but often are in their own homes with people who care for them when they pass. In specialized instances, we are requested at end of life and then only start care for the final days.

Focus On Caring is a devoted care company that provides medical, emotional and family support during the time of care. If you wish to read the testimonials on the website, you will get an indication of the degree to which our clients have a relationship with our company and our caregivers.


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