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 Focus on Caring Specializes in  Home Care Services for Calgary Seniors Enabling Them to Continue Living in the Comfort of Their Own Home.

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Heart Centered Caregiving At Home

Whether you or your loved one are facing the challenges of aging, or recovering from illness, our care professionals are there to focus on your needs. Whatever those needs are,we'll work to establish an in depth plan, designed on an individual basis to offer the exact, right, type of support!

Our Services Include:
Personal care
Meal Preparation
Light Housekeeping
Errands and Transportation
Professional and Individualized Care
And Much Much More!

We specialize in:
Dementia/Alzheimer Care
In Home, In Hospital, In Private Facility Care
Post Surgical/ Post Hospital Care
Progressive Chronic Illness
Palliative Care
And Numerous Other Types of Care!

Who Are We?
We are your Personal Lifestyle Assistant,
Your Chef
Your Housecleaner
Your Travel Companion
Your Driver
Your Assistant
Your Friend 
And your Dedicated Caregiver!

You know how stressful it is when you think your only option is a long term care facility?

We solve that!
We provide care and assistance for you to continue to experience life at the highest level of enjoyment and quality and remain in your own home.

You know how stressful it is when you know your family member needs care assistance and you can't be there all the time?
We solve that!
We provide relief for our clients and their families so that they know they are safe and happy, even when the family cannot be there.
You know the stress you feel when you are the primary caregiver and you know you can't always be there. You worry about what might happen when you're not and you may or may not know the toll it is taking on you?
We solve that!
We work with you directly to support you and your loved one. Whatever your needs are our professional staff will develop a care plan that will assist you with your care responsibilities, any long-term health problems, disability or aging needs. You'll have peace of mind knowing your loved one is receiving the same loving care whether you are there or not.
Why You Should Consider In-Home Health Care 
There is a vast need for home care in today’s society. 
Seniors deserve to retain their independence and autonomy, to
be treated in a dignified manner at all times and be safe and secure in their homes.

Statistics indicate that an estimated 90% of the elderly prefer home care over institutional care and that people remain happier and healthier in their own homes or wherever they choose to live.

The rush to place people in seniors' residences or assisted living has become a societal norm. It makes it easier, but for whom?  Seniors who wish to remain in their homes deserve to do so.  With in home care, this is possible. 

Whatever the needs are, whether health care related, or simply assistance in the home,  Focus on Caring is there to satisfy those needs.  We provide relief for our clients and their families so that they know they are safe and happy, even when the family cannot be there.

Focus on Caring is unique in that we are here because we are doing exactly what we want to do. We have  a mission to help others.  Our Moms, Dads, Husbands, Wives.  The ones that now need care and assistance to continue to experience life at the highest level of enjoyment and quality.
My Mom was my biggest supporter. She taught me about hugs and kisses and
caring. She let me “help” in the kitchen, kept my secrets and waited for me to
come home. She planned the celebrations, the birthday parties and the most
favorite meals. She was able to fix a bruised knee or a fever with a
single kiss. She was always there for me. It’s my turn to provide the same care
and concern for her. She deserves the best I can give.

A Home where she feels safe.
A Home that’s familiar and comfortable.
With people around her who care.
Who truly understand what she needs.
Who will be there when I can’t.
She’s my Mom.
This much I can give her.
Senior Care for Mom
For People Who Are Aging And Want To Retain Their Independence
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Why Choose Focus on Caring?
We know how important family is. Your concern and love for your family will become ours. Just like we care for our own family, we will care for yours. They deserve the best we can give.
  •  A Home where they feel safe.
  • A Home that’s familiar and comfortable.
  • With people around them who care.
  • Who truly understand what they need.
  • Who will be there when you can’t.
  • They are your Mother, Your Father, Husband, Wife, Grandmother, Grandfather”.
  • This much we promise to give them.
 Types of Care 
RN Care and HCA (Health Care Aid) Care

RN Care:
Our RNs supervise and monitor care through regular visits and ongoing communication with the client and their family.  Our services include:
  • A detailed initial assessment (at no charge)
  •  Regular home visits 
  •  Ongoing care-progress communication
  •  Medical supplies and equipment assistance
  •  Home safety evaluation
  •  Client and family support
  •  Client advocacy and assist with accessing community resources
  •  Developing client specific care plans and monitoring documents
  •  24-hour pager access
HCA(Health Care Aid) Care:
  • Personal care
  • Mobility support
  • Laundry and light housekeeping
  • Meal preparation
  •  Medication assistance
  • Socialization and companionship
  • Physical exercise assistance
  • Medical appointment and outings accompaniment
  • And much, much more than caregiving
Client care services are provided by qualified HCAs. HCAs are bondable, hold a current Level 2 CPR certificate, and participate in ongoing continuing education. They communicate with the RN in-person, by phone,  and submit written,  bi-weekly progress reports. Our HCA's may accompany clients to medical or social appointments.
  • Hourly Personal Care Attendants
  •  Live-In Care - Includes everything hourly care provides and the HCA stays in the client’s home overnight
Senior Care for Husband
Notes of Appreciation From Clients and Their Families
The Tynan Family, R. E. (Russ) Tynan
We want to express our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Focus On Caring for its care of our parents. We didn’t know that our path would include all of its many twists and turns? But it did and we were forced to follow. With every step, Focus On Caring was there; helping us cope and adjusting to meet our needs. From the mind robbing effect of Alzheimer’s through the anguish and palliative requirements of dealing with cancer; your team was there to attend to their needs and help do what was right for both of our parents.

But most important to us, was the way that Focus On Caring consistently provided its support with respect; and with care that was, to say the least, amazing. Your team became part of our family, and we are better for the experience.

We found Focus On Caring by way of a referral. Please know that we share with others how lucky we were to find you. There is nothing more important than the care of a loved one and we feel blessed that we acted and asked Focus On Caring to get involved.

Thank you to Focus On Caring for making the last two plus years not only bearable, but also a time of strength for our family.
G. Hunter
Focus on Caring is truly a Godsend! With all my heart I thank the Ladies of Focus On Caring for their exceptional care of my Mother, Helen during the last 9 years of her life. As my Mother fought valiantly against the ravages of Alzheimer’s, I am convinced that the loving care provided by Focus On Caring helped to extend my Mother’s life. They provided a much better quality of life for her, thus giving her not only the strength of spirit to continue on, as well as the joy and happiness to be at peace, not to worry and to smile everyday.

I’ve spoken to many elderly people whose common desire is to not to end up in a nursing home. Their wish is to live out their lives in the comfortable surroundings of their own home with their Family close by. My Mother’s wishes came true with thanks to Focus On Caring! They are incredibly understanding of all the hardships that occur and their most dependable assistance is unwavering.

Focus On Caring was always there for me and with words I will never be able to thank them enough.

I extend a personal “Thank you” to each and every fine person involved with Helen’s care and because of the Love you gave, you will remain in my thoughts and prayers forever.
I. Buck, Millbay BC.
Focus On Caring has been a Godsend for us. When our mother was experiencing a health crisis, they responded right away. Their professional, kind and compassionate approach enabled us to provide mom with outstanding health care. 

Just knowing that, on an ongoing basis, there was an experienced care provider with our mom provided us with a great deal of peace of mind, especially considering both my sister and I were outside of the province at the time. We also appreciated that they have a wide variety of care options that we could draw upon.

Focus On Caring truly is a 'caring' organization that we'd highly recommend.
G. Dobson, Calgary
Focus On Caring has been a major contributor to our family’s well being since my aging parents initially required live-in care. They have consistently supplied superior caregivers who are dedicated to their clients in every way. When the caregiving demands increase or the health situation changes, we can count on Focus On Caring to contact medical experts and find skilled help. Focus On Caring ensures that their caregivers are a good fit with the client and responds quickly to any client or staff concerns. People who have seen the Focus On Caring staff with my parents always remark on the excellent and compassionate care they provide.

I have never been disappointed and recommend Focus On Caring to anyone who needs professional, competent and sincerely heartfelt care!
Meet Our Management Team
Carla Amthor, owner of Senior Care Company
Carla Amthor, CPA, CMA
Owner and President
I started working with Focus on Caring from its inception in 1994. I worked in an external role until the opportunity to buy the company came up in 2001 and I leapt at the chance. I saw Focus on Caring as a wonderful vehicle to serve seniors with the support that is becoming more necessary in today’s population.  I loved the opportunity to create an even more expansive, generative company that could not just provide a service but actually deliver the care that people deserve.

From an early age, I thoroughly enjoyed serving my community with a focus on caring for those who needed support. From touring with “Safety Roundup,” a weekly musical TV show that was produced in Calgary, and Y3 We're for Teens, a group of young entertainers,  which both  performed at seniors' and childrens' facilities, to volunteering at womens' shelters in the area, to
creating gift tables that included gift wrapping services that I set up in seniors apartments through the Christmas Season, allowing them to shop within the comfort of their buildings.

I am a 20-year volunteer with the Calgary Stampede promotion committee and as a parade marshal for
the Stampede parade, keeping my same spot on 6th Avenue so that I can maintain my relationships over
the years.

My time with Focus on Caring has been a highlight in my life. I strive, with my team, to create the best environment for both our clients and our staff. It is within this environment that the highest standard of care can be delivered. I believe we should always raise the bar on the quality of care and the standards by which we deliver this care, enabling us to truly impact the lives of those we serve.
Cheryl Kaldenhoven, RN Senior Care Company
Karen Driscoll, RN
Home Health Care Supervisor
I am a native Calgarian and have been a Registered Nurse since 1988, working in pediatrics and home care for 10 years before taking a break from nursing to raise my seven children. Upon completion of the Nursing Refresher Program in 2011, I decided to make an exciting change to senior care.  In the spirit of providing the highest quality of personal care to our clients, I believe in the importance of ongoing professional and skills training for myself and for our staff. I am certified in Advanced Dementia Care and have experience caring for older adults at every stage of their lives.
Caring is a huge part of what I do in every aspect of my life and I feel honored to work with an organization that truly is, "focused on caring".  I am privileged to collaborate with seniors, helping them maintain optimal levels of wellness, respect and dignity in their homes. Our mission is to make a positive difference in the life of every client and their family and we recognize the worth of each individual – the remarkable life experiences and values that make each person unique.  
 I love working with people of all ages, but older adults in particular inspire me and keep me young at heart.
I have volunteered all my life, starting with visits to nursing homes and at the Alberta Children’s Hospital, which lead to my decision to choose a career in nursing. Once I had children, I volunteered in schools and in my faith community. I still like to help out in any capacity, wherever I am needed.
In my spare time, I enjoy everything outdoors, be it hiking, running, biking or cross-country skiing.

Lisa Pascua, Staffing Supervisor at Senior Care Company
Lisa Pascua
Home Care Staffing Supervisor
I joined Focus on Caring in 1997. 
I was born in the Philippines and it was there that I received my Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I immigrated to Canada in 1990 as I dreamed of an expanded, fulfilled future.
I love working with Focus on Caring as the Staffing Supervisor. My job encompasses many job titles, including employment recruitment, administrative assistant, administrative coordinator, human resources coordinator and customer service representative. My responsibilities involve interviewing and testing job applicants, promoting job opportunities and ensuring open positions within the company are matched with the right employees. I also act as the point of contact between the staff and client in addition to scheduling. 
 I believe this intersection of duties has expanded my understanding of our staff and each of their unique skills and our clients and their needs, enabling me to see the bigger picture, and successfully match caregivers and clients. Communication is very important to me and I strive to make people feel comfortable in every interaction.
I have been happily married for 20 years and have one child. I  am really proud to be a Canadian and appreciate the opportunities Canada has offered me.

Plus Our Field Team of Expert Caregivers!
Senior Care for Grandfather
Mission Statement
We provide exceptional care, empowering our clients with the ability to remain in their homes, supporting them with independence, quality of life, peace of mind and the excellent care they deserve.
Our Core Values
We Believe In People-
            We know that each client is entitled to receive the care they deserve, and our caregivers are powerful difference makers.
We Believe In Excellence-
            We bring the highest quality care and concern to every interaction. We serve our clients and caregivers by anticipating their wants and seeking to exceed expectations.
We Believe In Integrity-
              We express appreciation for our clients and caregivers by treating them like family. We live what we say. We deliver what we promise.
We Believe In The Power Of Possibility-
              We see every challenge and situation as an opportunity for improvement. We enjoy exploring and bringing the positive possibilities to reality.
We Believe In Growth-
              We grow through impact. We serve an expanding community of clients looking for world-class care. We grow by achieving our goals and exceeding our best.
The Value of Home Care to Well Being
There are  5 core values which are said to be highly desirable outcomes.

1. Dignity
2. Independence
3. Participation
4. Fairness
5. Security
Support and care in the community includes:
-Living arrangements
-Relieving social isolation and loneliness
-Family support
-Support of Informal Caregivers
Stress, (when a person is not able to handle things effectively) has been shown to alter the immune response and can influence the onset and progression of physical illness.

Access to health services is necessary not only in emergency situations but as a means of preserving good health. Seniors often require care from different providers across various settings, including a family doctor’s office, a specialty clinic, a home care service, a pharmacy, a hospital and/or a long-term care facility. Ensuring continuity of care between all providers will not only lead to a more efficient use of resources, it can potentially lead to better care and in turn a better quality of life. Team-based approaches to delivering primary care may help ensure seniors are receiving appropriate care. Increased communication between professionals can allow for an increased focus on prevention. These approaches ensure better care, lower the risk of illness or injury due to shared information and the ability to both manage existing conditions and delay or prevent the onset of new illnesses.

Many emergency department visits by seniors is for a chronic condition that could potentially be managed in the community avoiding hospitalization!

Home care provides for additional support. Conditions that can be managed in the community by the home care agency and the teamwork of other professionals can allow for seniors to remain in their homes, where they are comfortable, surrounded by familiarity. All components are focusing on well-being.

The quality of care is measured by many dimensions. High-quality care is evidence-based (appropriate), focused on the patient (patient-centered), safe and timely. A qualified care agency satisfies every dimension.
 Senior Care for Grandmother
Q. What kind of services do you provide?
A:  Focus on Caring specializes in senior home care services for Calgary elderly enabling them to continue living in the comfort of their own home.
Personal care services are client specific to take over or assist in the activities that seniors need, to be able to stay at home safely and with dignity. These services may include personal care, medication management, transfers, meal preparation and light housekeeping.

Q: Do you provide services in assisted living facilities?
A: Yes. People sometimes discover that senior care provided in an assisted living facility is insufficient to enable them to remain independent or satisfy all of their needs. Focus on Caring provides caregivers for support. Most assisted living or care facilities allow private caregivers to provide additional snior care assistance.

Q: My Mother has been advised by the Hospital that she cannot return home but must find space in an assisted living facility or care home. Is this accurate?
A: This is accurate, to a degree. It is possible that the Hospital is advising your Mother needs assistance and cannot be in her residence on her own. This does not mean that she must enter a facility though. If private home care is provided for your Mother and can satisfy the concerns of the Hospital, your Mother may return home with senior care.

Q: How does the cost of Focus on Caring compare with assisted living care?
A: An assisted living facility may charge the same fees as full-time 6 hours per day services provided by Focus on Caring. This reflects the costs for private care not adjusting for any possible funding. The senior care services provided by Focus on Caring are in the client’s home, allowing the client to maintain some independence and autonomy while ensuring safety and security.

Q: How quickly can home care services be provided or started?
A: Generally services can be provided within a 48-hour period and often the same day. An initial assessment is performed to determine the optimal care requirements and care is initiated in accordance with these determinations.

Q: Will I have the same caregiver all of the time?
A: Focus on Caring attempts to secure consistent staff schedules to provide care. Depending on the number of hours required, Focus on Caring may need to utilize 2 or 3 caregivers to satisfy your needs. Even with additional staff requirements, we attempt to maintain familiar staff at all times.

Q: Can I change the schedule if I need to?
A: A simple phone call to our staff scheduler can accomplish any changes to suit your needs.

Q: How do I start home care services with Focus on Caring?
A: Call our office a to speak with an RN to initiate an assessment at no charge or
send us an email. We will commence care from that initial contact.

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